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With Vida Joven, you can rescue a child… right now… for GOOD!

Joyfully changing the lives of orphaned and migrant children Baja California, Mexico

We provide consistent monthly funding and other forms of support to our orphanages in Mexico.

This consistent support guarantees that the children will receive the food, shelter, security, and education they need.

At our programs, top-notch caregivers nourish the children with love and support.

There’s healthy, delicious food for the children, along with clean clothes, medical attention, therapy, and plenty of time to just be kids.  And at the end of each day, every child sleeps in safety in their own comfy bed.

Education is a top priority at our programs, from Kindergarten through trade school or university.

With your support, we will send every child to school.  Most of the children in our care were born into poverty.  With an education and with you on their side, they can live into their potential and create flourishing lives for themselves.

When kids turn 18 and age out of orphanage care, we’re still there for them.

We support them as they pursue university or trade school.  And we provide these young people with the accountability and opportunities they need to become caring, competent, and responsible adults.

I n all of our programs, we build relationships with the program staff and children.

We visit the children at the orphanages on a regular basis.  Through these relationships and visits, we learn what the most pressing needs are.  Then we share those needs with you so you can help!  Through our visits, we’re also able to provide you with the financial accountability and transparency you’re looking for as you make your life-changing contributions to the children.